Research & teaching activities


I am interested in Lock-free algorithms. I especially want to prove their correctness by using proof-assistant.

At the beginning my project proposal was to apply well-known methods in my research team MOSEL to lock-free algorithms. Those methods are B, TLA+ and model-checking. Those methods imply a top-down approach. So the idea was to develop new algorithms.

Since then I discovered a lot of algorithms and a lot of work on developing such algorithms. But proofs were very rare and none of them were written within a proof-assistant. Therefore, I want to justify lock-free algorithms by applying well-known methods, and in particular B and TLA+.

Note also that my work is supported by Microsoft Research through its European PhD Scholarship Programme.


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While not directly related to my subject, DIXIT is an editor for predicate diagrams I wrote when I was working as a research engineer.


All teaching activities are given at ENSEM.


I gave 21 hours of TP to the first year students. I have also given 7h30 of TD and 27h of TP to the second year one. It is an equivalent of 43h30 of TD.